Caption contest winner: Happy Halloween

The winner of the caption contest is Nevia! Congratulations. I think Nevia’s suggestion tapped into the romantic llama seduction scene (well, either that or channeled a little of the Peppy Le Pew ethos):

In either case, it impressed this (and only) judge.

Sorry for the delay in picking a winner, loyal readers. Thanks to Wendy, Michelle, Pam and Nevia for participating.

And Wendy, you can’t win every single contest, ya know?


Since I have no dignity left after that last post, I thought: What the hell? I may as well post this picture as per my sister Kate’s suggestion and set up another caption contest:

Me and the overly amorous llama at Saunders Farm. Feel free to suggest a photo caption in the comments.

Winning caption from Nevia: “Well Hello, There” My name is Enrico. Enrico Suavé. How do You like me now?”
Photo by Susan DeCaire

A little background here:

This is me and the overly-amorous llama at Saunders Farm. My younger daughter had a Halloween-themed birthday party and we all took turns petting the llama. Clearly, I was his favourite.


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  1. You call those barf dimples? These are barf dimples!

  2. Lay those lushious llama lips on ME baby!

  3. I like your hair better than mine – whose your stylist?

  4. “Well Hello, There” My name is Enrico. Enrico Suavé. How do You like me now???”

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